Hello everyone, welcome to this informative and entertaining space where we can talk about different topics related to the world of Catering and event organization. We hope you will find in this space useful and educational but entertaining information, which will also be useful for your events and meetings.

As founders of sense Art catering, we decided to start this adventure full of energy and great future projections due to the security and gigantic capacities in the culinary field that our Executive chef Allan Blaize has, in charge of all the creation and execution of menus. And with all the dedication and experience of Vanessa Figueroa, a social communicator by profession but an entrepreneur from her heart since she was 20 years old.

Here we find ourselves in the middle of this current situation called the global pandemic, generated by a powerful virus known as COVID-19 and that unfortunately has claimed thousands of human lives around so many countries, affecting our lives and our economy as we knew it, however as many families and companies are adapting to new realities (as is our case), there have been many positive scenarios for reinvention and progress.

This blog was born as a reinvention of our beloved catering, as a voice that will connect with our current and future clients. Because regardless of the circumstances, we will be reinventing ourselves as many times as necessary and giving to everyone who wish to hire our services a unique opportunity to live special moments with family and friends, even when there are new restrictions, we will be there for you providing the latest trends, culinary, event organization and preventive for your health (at the ingredient level like we were already from the begging and now at the virus level too) There are many surprises and innovative products that we will be offering through the website very soon! We hope to have your support and from the Floridian community, we love this city and we only seek to continue growing with it. Stay tuned for our next articles and once again, Welcome to this space.