This situation of COVID-19 is our new reality of going everywhere with a mask went from confinement in our houses to a distance of six feet between each other in any place, No matter where you are, if surrounded by strangers, friends or acquaintances.

But at the end the truth is that we love human contact, hugs, kisses, sitting next to each other, interacting without closeness restrictions and today they have imposed a distance of 6ft even with a sticker on the floor. as a reminder in any public place we visit.

This social distance will surely be reduced little by little but we are sure that before reaching “how it was before” there are still around 12 months of trajectory and constant changes that will be adapted month by month, as a result of new discoveries and advances. Regarding the virus and a possible vaccine to eradicate it from our lives.

But today, just 6 months after living in the middle of this pandemic that has changed the lives of many, changed their economic and their perspective on life, having to protect themselves according to their physical health or age, there is something that It is and will continue to be inevitable, as is celebrating a birthday, a wedding, a bachelorette party, a brunch at the office or even a well-deserved reunion with friends…

Our mission as catering is to continue innovating and offering a quality service and now as an additional finding new options that favor and help protect the health of our customers and their guests against the virus, so at the same time they can have a pleasant time leaving this concern of a possible contagion a little bit aside.

As an innovative response to these security measures we bring the following proposals, which according to our point of view could add a lot to health and as a preventive measure of any meeting or event, regardless of the number of attendees and are the following!

1 – Sanitaizer Station

This station is very common today and we can see how it has been implemented in any of the public places and basically consists only of a hand sanitizer in a regular bottle or an automatic version with sensor.

Us being protagonists in regards to the logistics and organization of our events, we recommend the existence of a hand sanitizer station strategically placed at the entrance of the event, another station at each table where there is a food display and depending on the magnitude of the event the convenience of placing a sanitizer on each guest table, but that options should be evaluated, this idea is emphasizing that today everyone has a smart phone and this device it carries a large number of bacteria, since we touch the cell phone as many times as we touch each other’s faces and, in an event, not only would that be the major worries, but also (depending on the event) if there is music that involves dancing as a couple or in groups, the level of transfer of germs from hand to hand increases and then to your cell phone and then to our face.

As additional to this station there will be the option of adding: face mask, napkins, wet wipes, moisturizing cream among others.

2 – COVID-19 Immune shot Station

This station is designed to help protect your immune system and your guests through a natural shot of ginger and various fruits made completely natural and packed in small 2 oz bottles to drink cold and is accompanying by a second option that will be an infusion of hot tea for those people who do not like the concentrated and strong flavor of a shot the ginger but who can also be supplemented naturally but with a softer and more subtle touch full of the best plants that strengthen the immune system.

Station number 3 but not least

3 -Boost your immune system with our Immune bite

It is an idea related to the culinary world and created to make a difference by helping to create awareness. We consider that food is one of the most important elements in an event and that through it magical and unique moments can be created.

That is why we decided to venture to try new forms and quantities seeking to enhance flavors of specific ingredients such as ginger, turmeric and lemon, since they are the 3 most effective ingredients to take care of the immune system. Soon we will be sharing pictures and more details about it on our Instagram, Ask us about them and we will give you all the information!

Go ahead and continue with your desire to celebrate and meet up but with the best preventive measures included in your budget, there are many people who take their health for granted until the day they feel bad but at that point it is too late to turn back time, without health there is no life !