1-Choose your budget

To define your budget you will first need to choose the number of people you want to invite for your wedding, you will have to research the prices that are comun in that area, also the style of menu you want, if will be gourmet or rather something more family-friendly. Go from there to find out the amount that will work for you and divided it in between the number of guests, that equation will give you the amount to invest per individual and an idea of what that amount can cover. During your research remember to ask what it is included in the package offered by the caterer, If your budget is tight or the caterer offers you something that you are not interested, just ask them to remove it or substituted so you can sticked to your budget.

2- Define the menu style

The style is base in your preference of what type of menu would you like to serve: French, Italian, Asian, Mediterranean, Latin, etc. This will depend above all, of course on your personal tastes but also on your budget. You can choose to have a seated dinner which will cost a little more or to have a buffet with station. There are of course other possibilities and other services, this will remain to be seen with your caterer( click here to have more information about food style)

3-Get information on the internet and read the reviews

It is always good to do research on the Internet and social networks as well as to read online blogs and websites related, this will give you an overall opinion on the quality of your caterer and will make it easier for you to choose the one. Whose opinions suit you, do not hesitate to contact them and ask them for quotes to compare them.

4-Seek advice from those around you

It is also important to ask your friends and family for recommendations, of course, your opinion will remain the most important, however there are many people around you who have already used a catering services or have already married. But don’t let your love ones decided for you, after all that will be for celebrate the happiest day of your life, the choice is yours.

5- Ask the Venue for references

It is very important when you select a party room or any place for your wedding, to ask this one,if they work with specific caterers, they generally have a well supplied address book they can offer you with several different companies that will be likely to interest you. Some party rooms already have an appointed caterer with whom they works, you will certainly have to take this caterer if you wish to have this party room, but again if the caterer does not please you, is not always possible to negotiate.

6-Request tasting from the selected company.

Once all your research is done, you must now select your desired catering, as we mention a little above, do not hesitate, if there are five to six, it is a good number to start and ask them to do the tasting for you. Tasting will allow you to judge the quality of the food, their presentation and also an important detail that we name the “connection” in between you and the company which is really important, see if it meets your expectations. In general catering tasting are usually free so you won’t have to pay for it.


To sum up the selection of your caterer should not be a painful step to do, follow the recommendations indicated and you will have fun selecting it. Remember that it is very important that the caterer understands your expectations and that they do everything possible for reach them.

The caterer is there to make your day unforgettable, invest yourself in the selection of this one and you will avoid many unpleasant surprises, after all you are never better served than by yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that be useful for you in selecting your caterer. I am putting some links in this article that will further help you choose your caterer. Thank you!

Rating: 5 out of 5.