1- Choose your style

First of all agree with your other half on the image styles that you like, it is very important that both parties agreed, this will allow you to have the photos of your wedding that you both will adored. Once you choose your style, is going to be time to start looking for your photographer, but only in the style of photo that you have decided, do not take a photographer who does not work using
your desired style, tell him about your ideas and ask him to take the photos inspired in the style you mention, in this way both of you will be happy with the end result. Here are some Tracks that will help you identify the three most common styles.

The Fin art style has been in fashion for a few years with putting in this art of photography Monsieur José Villa. This movement highlights pastel colors, bright and very soft images.

The drama style. This is the opposite of the fine style which is more in the brightness and the pastel colors, here we will be more in the dark with a very moody play of shadows, more dense colors and textures more presents.

And the the fearless style black and white photos are classic and timeless. This type of Photographer focuses their approach on reporting.

So here are the three most common style, however some photographer do not recognize themselves in any of his styles and have their own style , and works on contrasted images with an attraction for geometric lines.

Drama Style

2- Ask to see their photo album

Did not make your final decision just by having read and seen the reviews and Instagram profile, asked the day of the interview to your photographer to show you their photo albums with their photo-shoot achievements for weddings and other events that will allow you to judge the quality of their work and their professionalism.

3- Get information on the internet, read the reviews

As with many subjects, it is important to get information on the Internet as well as on social networks, to find a photographer read the reviews and speak via social media with your potential future photographers to create a first bond attention, however it is easy to put beautiful photos on Instagram nowadays, that’s why you shouldn’t be fooled by too flashy profiles.

4- Seek advice from those around you

There may be people around you who have already had to use the services of a photographer for their wedding or for other events, so it is interesting to ask their opinion and share their contacts with you, however the choice final should be done by you and your other half don’t let anyone decide for you.

5- Set up a meeting

Once your photographers have been selected, I advise you to make an appointment with them, they can then answer all the questions that require answers, advise you and offer you different packages. It is also important to forge a link with your photographer, after all he will pass the most beautiful day of your life by your side and it is him who will take the pictures that you will show your children and grandchildren later, the selection of it and therefore not to be neglected.

6- Fin out about their equipment

During your interview with the photographers ask them several questions and find out about their equipment. You did not want to see your photographer arrive with a single camera or or without any replacement equipment on your wedding day, what would happen if the camera had fallen just before the ceremony and no backup was planned?. It is important to select a professional photographer and not an amateur photographer or your friend or cousin who takes pictures at a family dinner.

7- Ask what is included in the package.

Ask the photographers what is included in their different packages, it is important to make the competition work to get the best service at the best price you can. Also ask the photographer on the day of your interview to do some shooting of you and your husband to see the rendering and the quality of the images that will help you in your


To summarize you must first define the desired style in accordance with your other half, this is the most difficult step, once this is clear, you just have to follow the previous steps to select the Perfect photographer regard to the entire budget. Will depend on the steps that we have just seen but it is necessary to count in between $1500 and $3000 for a quality service.
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